Tremendous Investment Opportunity

Oblingo has solved the In-App micro-payments problem with an innovative approach to product monetization and risk management

Solving the In-App
micro-payments question


  • Only about 5% of gamers make In-App purchases
  • Recent steep decline by heavier users
  • In-App purchases disrupt the consumer experience and cause high abandonment rates
  • Payment card acceptance and App Store payments are expensive for content providers
  • Subscription models don’t work for online media
Oblingo has repaired the In-App payment market with an innovative, elegant approach that gives the consumer the Power to Play, Read, and Listen to just the content they want Now and Pay Later!
Enjoy Now – Pay Later!
  • Playing your favorite video game and need more lives or tools to continue your quest? Want to get just what you need without buying an expensive loot box? Just click on the Oblingo button before time expires and, for pennies, get exactly what you want… Right Now!
  • Reading an article but you’ve run out of “free” views? Want to continue reading but just don’t want to buy an expensive subscription to do so? Just choose Oblingo and, with a simple click, continue enjoying your article at a price point you won’t believe!
  • Oblingo keeps track of all purchases and, when the consumer reaches their payment threshold, sends a request for payment via a secured text message.
  • Consumers can pay using their preferred method of payment; debit, credit, or their favorite payment system (example: PayPal).
  • Payments are processed through our third-party partner and distributed to the content providers (minus the payment processing and Oblingo fee).
  • User statement records are available to the consumer at the touch of a button.
  • Oblingo’s Predictive Analytics compile consumer behaviors, preferences and trends to reduce payment default rates, improve the consumer experience, and provide additional monetization opportunities to our Partners.
    • Convenient
    • Quick
    • Safe
    • Easy to use

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