The Future of

Oblingo Payment Technologies, the first “enjoy now pay later” platform enabling real time true micropayments without a pre-payment demand. No known platform enables a single click, fast registration process with the agility and elegance of Oblingo.

The Future of Micropayment Techologies

Oblingo Can Do That

Today’s consumers demand the ability to select their own individual, customized experience. Oblingo does that with just one click! Now you can buy just the item you want at a price you won’t believe!

Signing up is easy and safe! No credit cards or credit checks… Just your name and mobile phone number is all you need to start your Oblingo experience!

Maximize Your Revenue Potential

Oblingo will help create revenue streams content providers have yet to experience, dramatically improving cash flow and energizing your business!

If you’re an eGame developer or media outlet wanting to capture more… More attention, more looks, more listens, and more revenue, then Oblingo is your answer! With Oblingo, you can customize an enhanced consumer experience by giving them just what the user wants at a price point they can’t pass up.

Gamers can now select the singular game piece at a price so low they can’t say no! This allows them to deepen the relationship with your game, increases their consumption, and captures revenue our Oblingo Developer Partners would have never received.

Media outlets can now turn browsers into buyers by providing access to news and entertainment in low-cost consumable bites! With Oblingo, our Media Partners can now drive additional revenue from low-cost individual content; revenue that is often lost from consumers unwilling to pay higher subscription prices.

Our core business model is based on revenue from consumers choosing Oblingo to customize their user experience. Oblingo:

• Aggregates user purchases from one or more content provider• Bills the consumer• Processes these aggregated payments, and
• Allocates revenue by sharing proceeds with the content providers the consumer has used

Enjoy Now, Pay Later.

Oblingo is so easy to use… Just watch our demos and see how you can create your own custom experience!

Media Demo
Oblingo Now, Play Now, Pay Later.




Play on, read, or listen now with just one click.



Pay Later

Oblingo aggregates your purchases for you. You only pay when term thresholds are met.




Oblingo has eliminated the risk of losing your financial data by applying one principle… not asking for it!




Oblingo users register with only their name and mobile phone number. No other details are saved in our system.




Our API can easily integrate into any website in the world.




Most reliable system as we hold no credit cards nor any sensitive payment data




We can operate with most currencies in the world



Cellular Based

Requests for payment are sent via an SMS text message to the user’s cellular number.

The Oblingo Vision

We believe that the micropayment solution is the future of all content-based markets including gaming, media, and more. The main problem with this market today is the unsatisfying user experience offered to payers, demanding pre-paid subscriptions, long registration processes, and data requests that interfere with anonymity, such as address, name, payment data, etc. We believe none of that is necessary. By trusting users and giving them credit, vendors can give users a wonderful payment experience, and users in return will pay more.

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The Oblingo Vision